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  • Other Legal Issues

  • There are advantages for taxes, asset protection, liability limitation, and estate planning, to using different legal entities to own or manage real estate. Corporate entity formation and organization requires planning and a strategy.

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  • they come in all shapes and sizes and for nearly infinite reasons. Many have merit, yet all too often they do not. We represent clients in County, State and Federal Litigation. And our diverse backgrounds have us representing clients in real estate and non-real estate cases

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  • Drafting contracts is a key to our representative legal services. For real estate clients, we prepare Leases, organize TIC (Tenant-in-Common) agreements.

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  • 4.Title Services

    Our related title company, Pallotto & Hayson P.A. provides professional and efficient title services, and has been for over 20 years. The lead partner of Pallotto & Hayson, P.A. is Russell Hayson, Esq., is a former bank attorney, and has been providing title work, issuing title insurance though Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC.  He also act as closing agent for countless closing, for both commercial and residential transaction. sales.