Firm Overview

Kevin H. Fabrikant, Esq.

Firm OverviewMr. Fabrikant has been the senior partner of his law firm since 2001. Mr. Fabrikant’s areas of legal practice include a focus on corporate and business transactions and litigation, and has been representing clients in real estate matters since 2001. As a transaction and litigation attorney, Mr. Fabrikant has represented clients with complex litigation and transaction matters in the areas of corporate breaches, real estate, business litigation, probate and estates, family law, casualty losses, intellectual property, entertainment law, and investment opportunities.

Practice Areas
Mr. Fabrikant has also represented clients on intellectual property matters such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, including registrations, contract licensing, and litigation in state and federal court as well as before the United States Patent and Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. Mr. Fabrikant has lectured in Real Estate matters and has been consulted with in the media on real estate issues affecting South Florida. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Fabrikant was involved in the entertainment industry owning a music management company and record label based in New York and a media distribution

Mr. Fabrikant obtained an undergraduate degree in Accounting, and attended law school in South Florida at St. Thomas University School of Law, graduating in 1999. Mr. Fabrikant is an attorney licensed in Florida State as well as Federal Courts, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. Mr. Fabrikant has also been engaged for significant appellate work. Mr. Fabrikant has represented clients at countless real estate closing, both residential and commercial, assisted clients with SBA (Small Business Administration) loans, represented clients with purchasing businesses, including with mergers and acquisitions, and represented clients in the asset purchase of medical offices, rental and multi-family properties, and other types of businesses

Rosana E. Hernandez, Esq.

Firm OverviewRosana was awarded a full scholarship to Smith College in Northampton Massachusetts after graduating from High School as Class President and Second in her Graduating Class. As a preeminent all-girl’s liberal arts college where persons with distinguishment such as Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady Barbara Bush, and media mogul Gloria Steinem attended, at Smith College Rosana was exposed to forces that enforced her ability to achieve exceptional status. Rosana obtained her degree in Economics, while mastering the languages of French, Italian, Spanish, and English


Rosana went on to law school at the University of Massachusetts. During and after law school, Rosana worked at the United States Governments Department of Healthcare and Financing Administration where she assisted in the researching and writing of the revised HCFA financing laws and regulations. Thereafter, Rosana went into private practice, working at Zuckerman, Spaeder, Taylor & Evans, LLP, in Downtown Miami, where she was involved in representing clients in Health-Care Administrative Agency Regulation matters, and then to Gilbride, Heller & Brown, P.A., eventually achieving partner status, where she assisted with litigation matters that included the Hedge Fund Administrator CITGO litigation defense in the United States and Ireland.

Michael R. Fabrikant, Esq., of Counsel

Firm OverviewMichael received his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Miami. Thereafter, Michael went into the military, serving in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. After an Honorable Discharge, Michael went to law school at Stetson University School of Law in Tampa. Not yet feeling complete with his formal education, Michael continued with the University of Miami School of Law to obtain his L.L.M. in taxation. Michael then went on to work for the Internal Revenue Service of the Department of the U.S. Treasury. After several years with the I.R.S., Michael worked for the law firm of Franklin, Ullman, Kimler & Entin before starting his own law firm in 1981. Michael’s law practice has included representing clients before administrative agencies for financial and tax matters and appearing before the United States Tax Court to defend clients against excessive taxation demands of the U.S. Government. Michael has represented clients with trust, probate, and estate matters, and has represented clients in preparing private placements and prospect us preparations, as well as with limited partnerships to raise capital for investment and tax purposes.

Associate Attorneys

Our Associate Attorneys are qualified and trained to provide effective legal representation on behalf of our law firm. They have diverse backgrounds from trial experience to accounting and business knowledge to assist with our client’s needs.

Support Staff, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Law Clerks, Firm Administrator

The firm has additional support persons that include law clerks, legal assistants, and file clerks that assist with the preparation of files, maintaining the flow of cases and matters, and assisting with providing our clients with information. These persons provide competent professional assistance to the other members of the law firm team through organized and structured systems to offer a more efficient service to our clients.